Sunday, March 10, 2013

I went to a lovely bridal shower yesterday. Usually, if I am at any kind of shower, I am actively working: working because I am the one who's thrown it, working to make sure everyone plays nice and the event doesn't close with barbed tongues and acid words, working to make sure I don't jump face first into a cake to relieve my personal stress...

But as this was a shower held by my best neighbor, for her granddaughter, I could just relax and enjoy watching a lovely young girl's delight at receiving household goods to feather her nest with...and of course the requisite lingerie gifts that makes the recipient's face turn to stop-light red. (See what I did there? Lingerie, red face, stoplight red, red light district...? You're welcome. Stick around folks I got a million of them.)

And because I was pretty much bullet-proof, I felt comfortable to share the following story with the guests...

Jayme, I am really glad that you registered for a cast iron skillet and oven mitts. And let me tell you why...As you probably are unaware, I am from New Orleans. And every New Orleanian worth her salt has a cast iron skillet mixed in with her other cookware. And that's because cast iron is the ultimate non-stick material...but also, it's because a cast iron skillet is a lot like a marriage. (Paused here for the chuckle, which confused me because I haven't gotten to the best part yet.)

See, everything is bright and new right now, just like that skillet. But as you continue your relationship, there are times you are going to be tested with fire. And if you have seasoned that cast iron skillet with some patience, it will get even better than it is now. It won't rust from tears or neglect. And like any marriage, there is going to be some times where things might be too hot to handle. That's when you have to remember to use the mitts and handle with care. If the skillet is seasoned, no matter how things get burned, nothing will stick, things will simply slide right off...and lastly? When the heat is so great that you have to get out of the kitchen? Always remember that the cast iron skillet, when properly used, is an excellent behavior modification tool.

You're welcome.

It was a smash hit. And I was happy for having shared this tidbit of advice to a girl that I will probably never see again. I hope that skillet, and her marriage, lasts as long as they both shall live.

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