Friday, April 29, 2011

Royalty is Nothing But Care

The title is a quote ascribed to Henry VI who spent a great deal of his kingship in captivity, and was in fact executed after his deposition.

Across the land, maids and maidens awoke early to watch the royal wedding of the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. And across the land, men moaned in sympathy for one Virginian Husband, who incorrectly likened the Duchess's wedding gown to the one his own bride wore, when in fact it was more like his brother's wife's gown.

Aw, that's gonna cost ya, mate.

Marital faux pas aside, this Virginian Housewife wishes all blessings and happiness on the new couple. May their relationship be more stable than the last pair that were wed so auspiciously but ended so sordidly.

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